About us

8F Investment Partners is a global financial group serving institutional and family office clients. The partners have worked closely together for multiple years in global institutions and bring senior management expertise in private equity, alternatives, asset management and investment banking.

Through its global network 8F and its affiliates are close to investment opportunities and its clients, with offices in Singapore, London, New York and Tokyo.

8F’s philosophy is to provide its clients with innovative and entrepreneurial investment products within a robust and institutional framework.

8F Asset Management Pte Ltd is a Singapore-headquartered fund manager that holds a Capital Markets Services Licence and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It provides access to private and liquid market opportunities worldwide through internally and externally based management teams. The private equity team adopts an entrepreneurial approach to a complex and evolving investment industry, aiming to deliver consistent and predictable risk-adjusted returns by focusing on unique and creative ways to source, structure, and manage investments via large-scale projects in key industries.